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Lynx Jul. 11th, 2009 @ 12:14 am

Lynx, originally uploaded by BerkDavis.

Doing a photo test post from Flickr. Isn't he a pretty kitty?

Flickr Jul. 11th, 2009 @ 12:12 am
This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Time strikes again! Mar. 9th, 2009 @ 11:35 pm
Reading back over the last few posts, I find it funny that the last real update post I made, other than that quick update, was almost exactly a year ago.  Only off by a day!  Must be that I get reflective around my birthday...

I am still in Colorado, sans girlfriend now, but life is good nonetheless.  I started dating a little here and there, then realized what I have ahead of me, and it seemed like a bad idea in general, so I (kinda) stopped doing that.  If someone is willing and able to get on board with what is coming up in my life, then maybe, but probably not.  Kinda fed up with women for a while following that last one anyway.  Jack Nicholson said it best in "As Good as it Gets" when asked "How do you write women so well?"  He answered "Well, I write a man, and then I take away reason and accountability."  That would explain a lot.  :)  Despite that, I am really not bitter (anyone that knows me well, knows I do not hang on to anger very long), just do not really feel like going through it again anytime soon.  Those breakups can really beat a man down.  Admittedly, I made a pretty big mistake, but that was not at the heart of the matter.  It was her realization that she had made a lot of unrealistic promises that she was not willing or able to keep.  Accountability, but far too late.  Water under the bridge at this point.

But enough of that.

On the docket for the next nine months, assuming I stay here (that is still up in the air), is to register for 20-24 hours of classes at UCCS (or UWF) in August.  That last big update is a harsh reminder of how hard it is to pound it up on a heavy class load, but at the same time, I really fucking miss that stress and the "GO GO GO!!!" of it all.  Top that off with my really hating to waste time, since time is something we never get back, and I will not have a free moment to jerk off once I get started with that class load.  I also have a different job now, that pays a whole lot better, and I have far fewer bills up here than I did back home, so I will be able to afford to swap some work hours for class hours - something I could not afford to do last time.  My last semester before I graduate with my B.A. will be next summer, assuming everything goes as planned.  If I am able to get through two semesters of completely abusing my brain, then I can take a light load for the summer, and get in some volunteer work, which I have a feeling will be very fulfilling.  After that, it is graduate school applications and the GRE, and I can not wait.

Aside from that, I am comfortable with being alone again, and actually enjoying it.  Some piece of my confidence was missing for a while there, but someone was kind enough to tip that first domino and bring it back into focus for me, quite unintentionally, but tipped it regardless, and my "Berkness" is back to one hundred percent.  Also, I have been working out really hard the last couple of months, and am dropping weight fast as fuck.  This weekend I get to go buy myself some new jeans, and can actually wear most of the closet full of shirts that I have now.  I am actually starting to look like my LiveJournal photos again, haha.  Now, if only I could swim up here...  Pools just do not do it for me, I like swimming in the Gulf, but I guess if I really want that kick-ass full body workout that I love so much, I guess I had better get used to the YMCA, or move... 

On a funny note, I have a deeper tan now than I ever had in Florida in March.  The sun is so much more intense at seven thousand, nine hundred and forty eight feet, and I have been spending a ton of time in it.

That is enough for now.  I am going to bed!

Peace, love, and brocolli bites,


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229 Strikes Again Feb. 8th, 2009 @ 03:08 am

So yeah, when I was with Mediacom, we serviced a limited number of areas.  Of those, area code 229 was one.  For those that know me well, you know also my devout distaste for area code 229, which includes Valdosta and Albany, Georgia.  The armpit of the Earth.  Now I work for a company that serves all 50 states, and a damn large chunk of Europe (we are owned by Deutsche Telekom), but we mostly take US calls and International Roaming issues.  After a couple of months of taking calls, I have still not found an area code that compares to good ol' 229 in terms of pure, unadulterated stupidity.  A prime example follows.  I'll skip through the greeting and whatnot and get to the meat and potatoes of the call.

Me: "So what can I help you with this evening?"
Tardski: "Yeah!  MAH FOAM AIN'T WUHK!"
Me: "Oh no!  Well we can't have that!  A broken cell phone keeps you out of touch with the people that are important to you!  What exactly is your phone doing?" (I have to note here, for those that have read the SupportMonkeys blog in the past, that I handle things a little differently now.  In the old days, that statement would have been completely sarcastic, but I've grown up a little these days and try to put myself in the customer's shoes, and show genuine concern.  No, really.  Yes, it's still me.  Get over it.)
Tardski: "Mah scream is banked an' ain't show shit! My foam ain't do nuttin naw! 'HEY! Ya'll shut de FUCK UP!'" (she was saying this to her young children playing in the background)
Me: "Oh no, that's awful!  Sounds like you have your hands full over there, so I will definitely do everything I can to get your phone back up and running as quickly as possible and let you get back to your children!"
Tardski: "Thank you..."
Me: "So, to get started, I'd like you to turn your phone off and back on, please."
Tardski: "Okay, how I do dat?"
(Seriously?  She's had the phone for over a year, and doesn't know how to turn it off?)
Me: "On that Motorola, you will need to press and hold the red "End Call" key to power it off.  Do you see that key?"
Tardski: "Uh, hole on..."
(While I wait, I hear the sound of a RAZR starting up.  The T-Jingle, followed by the Motorola startup tune.  Then I roll my eyes and laugh quietly to myself.)
Tardski: "Daaaayum, you fixeded it!  It's wuhkin' now!  Whut you do?"
Me: "You did it!  You fixed it!  Apparently the phone was powered off.  It could be that the button had been pressed by accident, or the battery went dead and the phone turned itself off.  If that's the case, a good night's sleep hooked up to the charger should fix it right up!  Just to make sure it's working, call your voicemail and see if it connects."
Tardski: "Oh lawd, lawd hab muhsay Jesus, oh lawd, thank you so much!  Is wuhkin' naw!"
Me: "Hey, I'm just glad I could help you get that RAZR back up and running for you.  Anything else I can help you with, before I let you go tonight?"
Tardski: "Oh no (crying) you done got it wuhkin fuh me again.  I thank ya so much!"
Me: "Glad I could help!  You have a wonderful night and a fantastic rest of your weekend!"

Okay, okay, I know...  Some of you are wondering "What the fuck, Berk??"  Back in the day, I used to take great enjoyment from mocking customers.  For some reason, being a condescending piece of shit just doesn't get me off like it used to.  I have figured out that there are two things in life that I really love.  One is fixing things and making them work.  The other is making people smile, or giving them a reason to be happy.  That feeling is nearly always reflected back, and gives me more to smile about myself.  So instead of hanging up the phone saying "What a fucking retarded ass!" and being pissed off about it, I can now hang up the phone feeling like I really helped someone out, and gave them a reason to be happy.  After all, with all of the people we come in contact with from day to day, we really have zero idea of what kind of day they have had, and who we may push closer to "the edge" by being an asshole to them and creating a bad feeling.

Call it growing up if you want, but I just don't like being a douchebag to people anymore, even retarded idiots.  I can always blog about it later though!

Much love and peanut butter,


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Time is a funny, fucked up thing. :) Sep. 26th, 2008 @ 05:34 pm
I come back here to visit every once in a blue moon, and it always amazes me how much has changed, and so quickly, every time I come here.  Quick update for those that care...  I have a Theresa in my life now, and she is absolutely amazing, oh, and I kinda moved to another state and stuff too.  I'm living in Colorado now, and will be starting with T-Mobile Wireless Tech Support in a little over a week.  I will be starting school at the University of Colorado (Colorado Springs) in January to wrap up the Bachelor's and move on to a Master's (still Psych).  Anyway, when I said quick update I meant it, hehe.  On to more unpacking.  :)
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Hi! Mar. 10th, 2008 @ 03:38 pm
I am back, sort of.  My MySpace is no more, so I figured I would shoot back here to ramble for those that still care to read it.  

I see that my last entry here was in June of 2006...  That seems like such a long time ago!  In terms of what has changed, it really is.  So what is new...

Romance - Yes!
Job - Yes
Degree - A small one.  I was not even back in college yet when I last posted here.  AA - Psychology, on to bigger and better before too long.
Rants - I am about a thousand times more mellow these days, and also a lot more private, so my rants may be a lot less entertaining.  For this, I do not apologize.
Me - Where to begin?  I have to back up almost two full years, and a hell of a lot has changed since then, with me, with my surroundings, with my friends...wow...  See below...

The remainder of 2006 was more of the same.  Nothing much significant happened, and I kept spinning my wheels and pretty much went nowhere.  Sometime around of the end of the year it occurred to me that I was creeping up on thirty and had not done much with my life.  It was not much, but I went and registered for two classes, to at least be moving forward, even if slowly.  I did fine in my classes with nearly zero effort, and ended that semester with 18 credits remaining for my Associate's.  I thought about it, and mulled over it, and thought about it some more, and then I dove in head first.  Wow, ouch.  I graduated, but I think I might have aged five years during that single semester.  Taking one and a half time worth of classes is not one and a half times harder than full time, it is about four times harder, especially if one has to work overtime to keep up with the additional costs of school.  I am aware of this fact.  It is March, and I have not been in school for three months, and I still often wake up in the morning in a panic, thinking that I am late for class.  During that time, I was working nights, at around fifty hours a week, and sleeping in cat naps when I could get them.  I had one single day during the semester when I did not have to go to work or school, and I slept through the whole day, unbroken.  I made it, barely.  I finally about ran out of gas with two weeks left in the semester, and had to cue up my seventy-fifth wind to wrap it up.  Those last two weeks cost me a letter grade in almost everything, but I passed them all.  I walked into my Experimental Psychology final with zero sleep in over two days, surviving on Animal Crackers, coffee, Redline, and cigarettes (something else I do not do anymore).  Ironically, I made an A in that class.  

Next, there was Christmas, and the day after that, complete possumness in the form of a splendid woman that I have loved for quite some time.  That history is still being written, and is nunya (this is not going to be like it was in the past where everything that happens in my personal life ends up here).  She is quite awesome, makes me very happy (and a little crazier by the day).  :)  I also got "promoted" to Technical Support Trainer at work.  It's a living, and it is good experience, but the workload sucks, and a lot of it follows me home.  Life in general is great though, and I have a lot of positive things ahead of me, and there will be more about that later.  :)

Ciao for now, chirren.

Berk. Just...Berk.
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Music Jun. 27th, 2006 @ 11:48 pm
Ever hear a song and have it instantly rip you back to a mental place you didn't want to go, or a place you thought you wouldn't visit again, ever? 

It's fucked up shit.  Amazing that after all this time, a song can still drum up those feelings again.

Sorry to be so vague, maybe some people still read this, but this is one of those I'm keeping to myself, just wanted to mention it.


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Rabid Commie Squirrels... Apr. 26th, 2006 @ 12:06 am
So I've been having this really fucked up dream almost every night...  It starts out with armies of  rabid commie squirrels (by the millions) invading the US and overthrowing our government.  US citizens expect the squirrels to be tyrannical and cruel, but it turns out that they are easily placated and calmed with peanut butter and acorns...  Go figure...  So anyway, it continues with all the squirrels getting fat and lazy from eating all that peanut butter, and eventually the armies no longer march, they just waddle in unison.  One day, chupacabras start parachuting out of the sky (there were no planes in the dream, just parachuting chupacabras, no idea where they came from) and easily defeat and overthrow the squirrels.  The chupacabras are resistant to the attempts at winning them over with peanut butter, since they're carnivores, but some goat farmers in Virginia (now named "El Vagina" because the chupacabras in my dream were mexican perverts) decided to try winning them over with offers of fresh goat-meat, and it worked.  The only problem with this is that the goat meat didn't make the chups lazy, it made them stronger and meaner, like steroids.  It looked like no end was in sight for the torture and tyranny of the American people, but some old retired lady living near Tampa, (La Tampon, Flaccida, in the dream) had been secretly raising an army of mangy shaved cats, which easily defeated the chupacabras, and then gladly turned control back over to us... 

I'm scared now.  Not of the dream, but of my mind, which so easily came up with something so odd and twisted...
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Fucking shit... Mar. 29th, 2006 @ 01:33 am
     Chaos...  I woke up this morning and felt like shit was spiralling, not necessarily downward, but it just felt like I'd let the reins go loose a little too long and lost control.  Maybe it's a passing phase, and I hope it is, because it's not exactly a pleasant feeling, or really anything resembling pleasant, or even in the same ball park.  Last weekend I decided to go ahead and hook up with a woman I'd been talking to for a while.  There was a physical attraction, but there's just some things about her that I just don't like.  She strikes me as the type that would attempt to adapt and leave me looking for excuses not to like her if I told her what they were, so I mostly keep it to myself, because everyone knows that no one can change who they are, at least not in a long term sense.  The opportunity arose for some "friends with benefits" action so I jumped on it and had a weekend long sex marathon, and I'm starting to think it may have been a mistake.  The sex was great, and fun of course, but it appears that she might be seeking something more from it now, even though it was more than abundantly laid out beforehand that it was strictly a no-strings kinda deal.  I normally don't really like that anyway, because although sex is always good, and sometimes great, when it's with someone you're in love with, it's usually spectacular.  Without love and emotion, it's nothing more than a fun physical act that feels good and blows off steam...and ultimately ends up leaving me feeling a little lonely a few days later. 

     So anyway, back to my day...  Waking up that way was a bad start.  I wound up a little, got my head right, and headed to work.  Now yesterday I lost two fillings, which at first didn't seem like too big a deal, until the pain train came to town.  I was actually in a pretty good mood by then, but when you're hurting so badly that you feel like shooting off half your face just to make it stop, it's a tad distracting, and my fuse got cut short in a big way.  I left for lunch with every intention of heading home, grabbing some pain killers, and heading back to work, but I ended up getting into conversation with some friends, and then went to the courthouse to get my driver's license back instead.  So i get back to work, I'm there about an hour (work was kinda chaotic in itself anyway) and decided that I have to stop the pain if I'm going to prevent going off on someone.  So I cooled that down, and felt better, but the nagging chaotic feeling never went away...  Hopefully it will. 

     I'm going to go sleep now before the pain catches back up and keeps me awake all night.
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Quick random update Mar. 21st, 2006 @ 11:23 am
Divorce - Final signed papers mailed yesterday, should be a matter of days now.
Arby's - Pwned.  Got the money put back in the account (long story).
Sleep - Random occurrences, but still slightly better.
Romance - Nope, just random sex here and there, which is just fine for now, I'm sick of women and their squirreliness.
Me - Broke and kinda tired, but alive, well, and happy.

There ya go, short and sweet, for those that give a shit.  =P
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